Monday, November 07, 2011

Taste NABC's QuakerFoot at the Irish Rover, this Sunday (November 13).

QuakerFoot is the latest member of NABC's Footed Stout Series (see below for complete roster), brewed at the NABC R & D Brewery in the approximate range of a BJCP-style 13-C (Oatmeal Stout).

To celebrate the Irish Rover's 18th birthday, numerous draft stouts are being tapped this coming Sunday (November 13) at the pub's Frankfort Avenue location. NABC will debut QuakerFoot at this event, which runs from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

NABC QuakerFoot

Malts: Rahr Pale, Simpsons Roast Barley, US Flaked Oats, Simpsons Crystal Medium, Belgian Special B, Simpsons Chocolate

Hops: US Willamette (mash), US Challenger (all of boil)

ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 26

NABC Footed Stout Series (sorry, not on hand for the Rover's celebration)

Belgian sunshine for Monsieur Scratch
NABC’s strain of Belgian yeast from the Ardennes transforms strong, rich Stout into a matter of hoofed provocation.
8.2% abv
30 IBU

Ultimate urban renewal
There can be no doubt: ThunderFoot actively renounces the gentle tweak, the mild revision, and the imperceptible hint. ThunderFoot neither seeks to make a plausible case for adaptive reuse, nor can be bothered with the nuances of historical preservation. ThunderFoot puts its elongated foot squarely down, advocating your palate’s restructuring the old-fashioned way – whole cloth, entire, complete, irresistible, certain and inevitable.
12% abv
90 IBU

Feed the beast
A dry and sessionable Stout. On those days when you only need a little stout, WeeFoot is there.
5% abv
48 IBU

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