Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Three cheers: Starlight Distribution brings Shelton Brothers back to Indiana.

Vows of silence aren't helpful for a quasi-journalist, because it means you can't possibly get credit for the scoop, but the wonderful outcome in this case is far more important than the pathway to it.

With postings at Hoosier Beer Geek and Indiana Beer reporting the news, and Todd Antz divulging an inaugural shipment to Keg Liquors, it can now be disclosed publicly that the Shelton Brothers importing house is once again legal in Indiana, and its portfolio will be handled by a start-up wholesaler just a few miles up the Knobs from NABC: Starlight Distribution LLC. They'll be carrying other lines, too, although at this precise moment, Shelton's the thing.

Given the good people involved with Starlight Distribution, and the increased availability of some of the world's finest beers in the neighborhood, this must be judged one of the top stories of the year.

Now, "here" this: With NABC's two brewing locations, Starlight Distribution's advent, and Keg's New Albany location set to open later in November, Floyd County becomes a go-to, good-beer location in metro Louisville. Not only that, but River City Winery is down Pearl Street from the new Keg Liquors, Huber Winery/Starlight Distillery is just across the Clark County line, and yet another local winery, Indian Creek, sits on the Floyd/Harrison border.

Now, if we can only coerce the supremely talented local cidermaker Bob Capshew to move from crafting cider vinegar to commercial production of genuine Floyd County drinking cider ... but surely the day will come.


John Campbell said...

what does Shelton Brothers bring to Southern Indiana? Does this mean a return of Rodenbach?

The New Albanian said...

No, but: Cantillon, Jolly Pumpkin, et al.