Friday, November 04, 2011

Dirty Squirrel Zwarte Ale is being brewed today.

There was an article in the arts section of the New York Times last Sunday about the mid-19th century habit of composers dedicating their newly published works to each other, rather than their erstwhile funding patrons --- the patronage system having largely become obsolete by that time.

In like fashion, and in a vaguely collaborative sense, Dirty Squirrel Zwarte Ale is NABC's homage to Against the Grain's Knotty Squirrel, which was a tribute to NABC/Struise/LBS's Naughty Girl.

What happens next is anyone's guess, maybe Dotty Swirl, but please, let the circle be unbroken. By the way, "zwarte" is "black" in Flemish.

Dirty Squirrel Zwarte Ale

Malts: Rahr Pale, Simpson Dark Crystal, Castle Aromatic, Weyermann Carafa I, Weyermann CaraFoam, Simpson Black

Hops: Challenger - Mash; Galena - Boil; Centennial - Middle; Cascade - Whirlpool; Centennial - Whirlpool; Palisade - Dry hops

Yeast: T58

69 IBU
17.8 Degree Plato
7.3 % ABV
Color 32.4 SRM

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