Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(9) NABC Brewers’ Best Friend Series.

Brewers’ Best Friend Series

Assertive, loyal specialties named for our brewers’ canine chums, and often the beers of choice for creative aging.

Abbey’s Dubbel
She makes the schedules -- not me.
Straight-forward Belgian-style brown ale, named in honor of NABC co-owner Kate Lewison’s canine companion.
6.2% abv
17 IBU

Elsa von Horizon
Bekämpfen und ich beiße Sie
Never one to settle for the ordinary, Elsa proves that living boldly is always in style. True to her nature, this Imperial Pilsner runs long and powerfully, never gives up, and remains squarely in your memory if you are ever lucky to meet. Packed with Noble hops and Continental malts, Elsa is truly a legend.
8.6% abv
80 IBU
Seasonally available in 22-oz bomber bottles

Now that’s what I wanted!
Henna always likes to smell stuff. We like to smell her hoppy beer. It’s a Black IPA … or was that Cascadian Dark Ale?
7% abv
83 IBU

Jasmine the Mastiff
As the lion is to the cat, the mastiff is to the dog
Silky, sweet Stout with a solid roasted character. Big, bold, and ready to lean on you.
7.5% abv
35 IBU

With a bark like that, who needs Pat?
The newest member of the Brewers’ Best Friend Series. Jaxon, NABC’s properly pedigreed Barley Wine Ale, is brewed and aged by David Pierce at Bank Street Brewhouse. Only the first runnings are collected from the mash tun, with no sparge. Three separate mashes make up one batch. Drop the leash … and let Jaxon run.
11% abv
100+ IBU
Seasonally available in 22-oz bomber bottles

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