Saturday, November 12, 2011

(2) NABC Seasonal Beer List.


Not included on other lists, sometimes cross-referenced.

Ancient Rage
Because age is wasted on the young
Consider the glories of a Smoked Baltic Porter, as brewed for the occasion of Roger’s 50th birthday in 2010. Also kegged as Oaked Ancient Rage (Oaky age never is wasted on the young).
6% abv
26 IBU

Black Grass Saison
You can’t drink Black Grass in striped pants
Belgian-style farmhouse ale, brewed with lemongrass and black pepper.
6% abv
30 IBU

Black Rye
Black Rye as an Ardennes night
Neither a rhizome, nor a Rye Zome, but a Rye Gnome, as the use of Chouffe yeast is a creeper. Roasted barley is added only late in the mash for color, not Stout.
6.5% abv
40 IBU

Bonfire of the Valkyries
Burning away the hours 'til Ragnarok
You can call it Rauchen Schwarz Super-Starkes Bier, or you can call it Smoked Black Lager (Imperial-style), but just know that we couldn’t find a rule in the Bavarian brewing playbook prohibiting big smoky blackness, so we went ahead and brewed it. The Reinheitsgebot can sue us.
9% abv
10 IBU
Also available in 22-oz bomber bottles

Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em
Once upon a time the Publican poured American Pale Ale into a glass used previously for Bavarian-style Rauchbier, and an idea was born: Smoked APA.
7% abv
65 IBU

Luck has nothing to do with it
Intended as tribute to the hard-working people who run the gaming tables at the nearby Horseshoe Casino, Croupier is strong, bitter and utterly dependable.
7.2% abv
75 IBU

Haggis Laddie
An ale that I loved so well
Laddie’s the official Celtic Red Ale of the annual Celts on the River concert in June in New Albany.
5% abv
17 IBU

Hoosier Daddy
The most heroic word in all languages is revolution
Hoosier daddy? Is it Eugene Debs, or Bob Knight? David Letterman or John Mellencamp? NABC unambiguously salutes all Hoosier daddies, wherever they are, whatever they do, and whomsoever they do it for, or to.
7% abv
50 IBU

Le Diable Blonde
Here comes the woman with the look in her eye
Patience is the key and the lesson from this malt bomb devil of a Belgian-style Tripel.
10.7% abv
30 IBU

Mt. Lee
Everything loose eventually lands in LA
California Common is a hybrid style hailing from the Gold Rush days in San Francisco, back when amber beers were brewed using lager yeast at warmer temperatures, with ample carbonation and plenty of local hops. Perversely, we’ve relocated an uncommon Common to City of Angels – specifically, the Hollywood Hills. Don’t ask why.
6.4% abv
65 IBU

Naughty Claus
Santa needs daze off, too
A rich, full-bodied holiday spiced seasonal that changes wardrobe a bit each year as we experiment with festive additives. Usually unveiled for Saturnalia, NABC’s annual observance of Christmas’s pagan roots.
7.5% abv
10 IBU

Aged in sterner stuff
Oak-aged Hoptimus.
10.7% abv
100 IBU

Saison de Miel
(To be released in the Fall of 2011)

Not at all lost in translation
Japanese-American Common: Tokyo meets San Francisco, with rye, rice and Japanese-bred Sorachi Ace Hops.
5.5% abv
40 IBU

Solidarity or Death
Baltic Porter is the best way to tip your hat to the activists in the Solidarity independent trade union, and a robust reminder of Baltic foresight in activism and strong beer.
8.5% abv
30 IBU
Also available in 22-oz bomber bottles

Strassen Bräu
(Brewed with Andechs yeast … released September, 2011)

Wet Knobs Hop Harvest Ale
Support your local hop growers
Originally known as Homecoming Common, before being repurposed as NABC’s salute to our intrepid hop-farming brethren atop the hills known locally as the Knobs. We annually incorporate their crop into a fresh-hopped early autumn creation -- the official ale of Fringe Fest at Bank Street Brewhouse. Also known as “Dry Knob” when using dried hops from the Knobs.
50 IBU
4.5% ABV

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