Sunday, November 13, 2011

(3) NABC Session Series.

Session Series

Brewed originally for consumption at NABC’s two on-premise locations, the Session Series illustrates the lower-gravity joys of the brewing world. They’re beers of lower alcoholic potency, but with plenty of character.

Bat Out of Helles
(Brewed with Andechs lager yeast … released October, 2011)

Community Dark (also core portfolio)
Inside is what counts
Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup gold medal winner, 2011. Inspired by traditional English Mild, the style that fueled the factory workers who made the Industrial Revolution, Community Dark is revolutionary in its own way: Dark-colored but light-bodied, and a session ale suitable for New Albany’s emerging downtown renaissance.
3.7% abv
12.5 IBU

Keller Pils (originally USA vs. Slovenia, in the World Cup Trilogy)
From Ljubljana with love
European and North American malts, with hopped seven times with 100% Slovenian-grown Styrian Goldings. American “Common” lager yeast.
3.9% abv
36 IBU

Ordinary Bitter (originally USA vs. England, in the World Cup Trilogy)
Every day, it’s extraordinary
Classic cask ale malt from the UK, with Pacific Northwest hops for flavor and aroma. English ale yeast. Cross-referenced with NABC’s World Cup Trilogy.
3.9% abv
26 IBU

Smoked Abzug (also Abzug, Dunkel Abzug)
A cellar man's bier
To this very day, Germans and some other Central Europeans brew to conform to tax classifications based on gravity and alcohol content. In Germany a century or more ago, Abzug would have fallen into the lower end of the Vollbier classification, and perhaps the higher end of Schankbier. In Austria, its elders would have been Vienna and Marzen. Abzug’s assumes various stylistic German identities, but always the gravity is lower, and lagering time shorter, and in all respects it remains a tasty, quenching lager.
3.8% abv
26 IBU

Tafel Bier (also core portfolio)
Better dancing on the table than sleeping on the floor
Tafel Bier is Flemish for “table beer,” which filled those earthenware pitchers in the Brueghel paintings, and is a flavorful, session-strength accompaniment to almost any cuisine.
3.9% abv
15 IBU

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