Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Live @ Five takes August off, to resume in September.

The city of New Albany is pausing its Live @ Five concert series, and according to this press release, the series will resume on Fridays in September at downtown New Albany locations yet to be determined.

When it does, NABC will be on hand with locally-brewed beer.

Live@5 Schedule Changes

Today, City Officials announced that the Live@5 Concert Series will wrap up in September, rather than the previously planned August. Both the weather and the return of the school year were cited as reasons for the break, along with wanting to host City Events come fall.

“We will not be holding Live@5 during the month of August, both to allow the extreme heat that we have been experiencing to subside, and to allow families some time to adjust to their new schedules with the return of the school year,” began Mike Hall, City Operations. “With the summer months winding down, we at the City also wanted to host some events in the fall for citizens to enjoy leading up to Harvest Homecoming.”

“Live@5 will resume in September to escape the August heat and to coincide with cooler outdoor temperatures in the run up to the Harvest Homecoming Festival,” stated Mayor Jeff M. Gahan.

Live@5 is scheduled to return on September 7th. The City of New Albany will a also be hosting its Labor Day Celebration on Saturday, September 1st at the scenic, New Albany Riverfront Amphitheater. To best keep informed on the new lineup for Live@5, along with all City of New Albany news, please “like” the City’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/NewAlbanyIN and visit the City’s website at CityOfNewAlbany.com.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mama, that man is drinking with the dead again.

Gregg Seidl's at it again, and better yet, you are invited to join in the stroll. Needless to say, Bank Street Brewhouse is on the itinerary. You may recall last fall's Steamboat Common, which we brewed for the bicentennial of steamboats on the Ohio River, in preparation for the same recipe serving as New Albany's bicentennial beer in 2013. I'm thinking about renaming it "Nefarious New Albany Ale" next year. Any thoughts?

Join me for some "spiritual" fun on Saturday, August 4, 2012. The guided walking tour begins at Hugh E. Birs at 7 p.m., and before the night is through, we'll visit several downtown New Albany establishments where you'll enjoy a cool drink of your choice while hearing of some of the bizarre and ghastly events that took place within thier walls, as well as learning of other gruesome events that happened in the places we'll pass along our way.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bomber Blonde comes to Bank Street Brewhouse and Live @ Five, this afternoon.

Previously, I explained about craft beer at the ballpark in 2012, with the Dubois County Bombers and NABC pairing for a second season to provide an alternative to mainstream lager at League Stadium in Huntingburg, Indiana.

Now the baseball campaign is winding down, the players will soon return to their college squads, and NABC still has a few kegs of Bomber Blonde in stock. It's time to see what New Albania thinks about this beer, our first-ever Blonde Ale (BJCP category 6B), and so we're putting it on tap today (Friday, July 27) at Bank Street Brewhouse.

Bomber Blonde also will be pouring at this afternoon's Live @ 5, which moves back to the 400 block of Bank Street, between the Carnegie Center and Bank Street Brewhouse. NABC, Wick's and River City Winery will be vending adult beverages, perhaps with Habana Blues, seeing as their mojitos went over quite well at last week's event.

Henceforth, Bomber Blonde always will be known as such when on tap at Dubois County Bombers games. Tony Beard used NABC's familiar 15-B Vargas Girl and dressed her in a slightly more family-friendly way for use as the mascot of Bomber Blonde (above). However, NABC might select a different name for in-house use. As always, you are advised to stay tuned as we flip coins and consult our Ouija boards.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grätzer/Grodziskie ... oak-smoked wheat session ale, coming soon to NABC.

David Pierce, NABC's Director of Brewing Operations clues us into a new NABC small batch brew:

Ben Minton will be brewing another new historical re-creation session beer this week. We recently acquired a small quantity of oak (eiche) smoked wheat malt for this beer. The beer will be 100% wheat, something we've never done here, and it will be a very hard beer to brew. If you see Ben pulling out his hair, this is why.

Here is an overview of the style.

Grätzer is actually indigenous to Poland, where it was known as grodziskie. Grätz was the German name for the town Grodzisk, which was, for a little over a hundred years, part of Prussia. But the beer style both pre- and post-dated Prussia, and was in fact still brewed in Poland until the 1990s. Grodzisk was a major center of brewing, and at the end of the 18th Century, boasted 53 brewers.

One of the famous local products in that old-school Beervana was a beer made entirely of smoked wheat malt. The indispensable scholar (and Grätz enthusiast) Ron Pattinson retrieved this information for our edification:

"Grätzer Bier, a rough, bitter beer, brewed from 100% wheat malt with an intense smoke and hop flavour. The green malt undergoes smoking during virtually the whole drying process, is highly dried and has a strong aroma in addition to the smoked flavour. An infusion mash is employed. Hopping rate: for 1 Zentner (100 kg) of malt, 3 kg hops. Gravity just 7º [Plato]. Fermentation is carried out in tuns at a temperature of 15 to 20º C."
--“Bierbrauerei" by M. Krandauer, 1914, page 301.

In brief, the passage highlights a few key points: in addition to being brewed entirely of smoked wheat, the beer is small (1.028; less than 3% ABV) and aggressively hoppy. Although it was fermented cool (60-68 degrees), it was an ale. Also interesting: the beer is hopped during the mash.

Stan Hieronymus, writing in Brewing With Wheat, tracked down homebrewer Kristen England who, after chatting with Pattinson, brewed his own Grätzer. It became one of his favorites. England told Hieronymus, "The amount of smoke and hop in this very low-gravity beer is absolutely massive."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"No More Cheers!: The VIA Agency Launches Search for American Toast."

Hey, what's the matter with Cheers? It was a pretty good show in its day.

At least they're not "reaching out," or something, but just the same, this seems to me to be a contrived exercise along the lines of replacing "french fries" with "freedom fries."

Look at it this way: If indeed America is the melting pot, welcoming the world's huddled masses with beers and bourbon, then why not permit the individual to use whichever toast his or her national heritage or preference ordains? 

Why, then, do I publish this? As an exercise in: "Really?"


Hi there,

Have you ever noticed that there is no America-specific toast option - a la Prost, Cheers (British), Slainte, Le Chaim, etc.? The VIA Agency (theviaagency.com) decided to do something about this problem just in time for the summer Olympics, where there will undoubtedly be a lot of times for cheering (U-S-A, U-S-A) and cheers-ing.

VIA has come up with 10 options for the new 'Toast of the Nation' (which you can see below) and created a Facebook app to allow people to vote for their favorite, or make a suggestion for another one. You can see the Facebook app here https://www.facebook.com/ToastOfAmerica, which went live today. Anyone can vote for their favorite toast (or write in their own choice) up until the Olympics closing ceremonies. The winner will be announced August 12th.

Additionally, you can check out a video from VIA announcing the contest here: http://thetoastofamerica.com

'Toast of America' voting options:

To Glory
This toast is in reference to Old Glory and her stars and stripes. May she ever remain.

To Freedom
 If there¹s one thing Americans are famous for, it's their defense of freedom.

To Liberty
This toast speaks for itself, but in 1830, at a dinner party with President Andrew Jackson, Vice President John C. Calhoun gave a not-so-famous toast: 'To Union and Liberty.' We¹ve abbreviated this distinctly American toast.

Onward Americans move forward, never backward, with resolve and perseverance.

During WWI, this was a U.S. Marine battle cry now commonly used to express extreme enthusiasm, bravery and unity. It is still used by U.S. Marines today.

Rock On
Yeah, that's right. America invented Rock Œn Roll.

Sea to Sea
From purple mountains majesty to amber waves of grain. If you don¹t get this one, forget it.

Yippee Ki-Yay
This is an old cowboy expression of exhuberance. Although, with a slight twist, it was brought into modern lexicon by Bruce Willis in the great American film series Die Hard.

Let¹s Roll
On September 11th, 2001, on United Airlines Flight 93, Todd Beamer¹s last words were 'Let¹s Roll' as he and a few other American heroes foiled the terrorist¹s desired plot. Unfortunately, their lives were sacrificed in saving other Americans. The phrase now inspires action, heroism and self-sacrifice.

To Us and All
This is a tribute to America being the melting pot of the world, and is a celebration of the union of all, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or political beliefs.

Monday, July 23, 2012

“New independent businesses are coming in and that’s what’s moving New Albany forward. We’ve all grown together and it’s great."

There was a nice description of our 25th anniversary celebration in the Monday morning CJ.


New Albanian Brewing Company celebrates 25 years with a festival, by Jenna Esarey (Special to the Courier-Journal)

The New Albanian Brewing Company threw itself a birthday party on Sunday, inviting the community to celebrate its 25 years in business with a festival on the river in New Albany.

Dubbed 25 Years of Beer and Loathing, the event featured live music from noon to dusk, a kids’ activity area, food from local restaurants and beers from the New Albanian Brewing Company.

“We’re celebrating 25 years as a business,” said New Albanian co-owner Roger Baylor. The company started in 1987 with Sportstime Pizza, which now operates under the name NABC Pizzeria and Public House.

The business expanded in 2009 with the opening of the Bank Street Brewhouse in downtown New Albany, featuring a restaurant as well as the brewery.

Both restaurant locations were closed for the day to allow employees to enjoy the party as well. “Everyone who can is scheduled for a one-hour shift in the beer tent,” Baylor said. “Other than that, we want them to just enjoy the party.”

Baylor said he enjoys supporting the community. “New Albany is growing,” he said. “New independent businesses are coming in and that’s what’s moving New Albany forward. We’ve all grown together and it’s great.”

The event also served as a fundraiser, with proceeds from beer sales being split between Rauch Inc., the Isabel Jade Pickhardt Fund and New Albany First.

Employees of Rauch Inc. oversaw the kids’ area, overseeing a duck pond, arts and crafts and applying temporary tattoos.

“Roger’s very community-minded,” Rauch work services coordinator Frank Kreps said at the event. “We had to look beyond state funding and Roger just stepped up to help.”

Lisa Mascio-Thompson brought her children, Lucas, 7, and Leena, 4, who were working on crafts. “I’m here to support local business and the New Albanian,” she said.

“And ride my scooter at the skate park!” injected Lucas.

The event’s theme, Beer and Loathing, is an homage to Louisville-native Hunter S. Thompson’s novel “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” “We’re all fans of Hunter S. Thompson,” said Baylor. “Plus, we’re like a rock band. We all fight with each other behind the scenes, but when the show starts we all work together.”

A number of New Albanian craft-brewed beers, including root beer, were available along with a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar, a Sunday staple at the Bank Street Brewhouse. The River City Winery also offered wines and Sangria.

Food was provided by Charlestown Pizza Company (owned by former employees of the New Albanian Brewing Company) and Feast BBQ, a new restaurant in downtown New Albany.

Baylor said he expected a big crowd despite the heat. “If a Facebook event response is any indication, we had over 400 responses,” he said. “I expect we’ll see at least 1,000 people. If this works out, we might do it again.”

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sarah models the NABC 25th anniversary t-shirt.

FYI: On sale tomorrow at the event, at a cost of $20 each. Limited numbers of these will be available, and we anticipate having credit card  processing capability for t-shirt sales.

Friday, July 20, 2012

"A quarter century of beer and pizza," by Matt Nash.

Matt commences with an ominous sentence, considering the record of the early years, but it's a nice segue into his personal account of pizzas, beers and so much else.

NASH: A quarter century of beer and pizza, by Matt Nash (News and Tribune)

JEFFERSONVILLE — My personal relationship with the New Albanian Brewing Company goes back to a few years before I was even able to drink beer, legally.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Josh Hill at the Indiana Microbrewers Festival.

Two appreciative fans succumb to the considerable charms of the Brewery Badass at last Saturday's Indiana Microbrewers Festival in Indianapolis.

This Saturday: Remembering our friend Margaret.

On Saturday at 4 p.m., NABC's Pizzeria & Public House will tap a keg of Three Floyds Alpha King in remembrance of Margaret Bauman.

Saturday marks a year since her passing. She was a wonderful conversationalist, the pub den mother, and arguably Alpha King's greatest fan.

Wherever you are on Saturday, remember Margaret with hops.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NABC beer lineup for 25 Years of Beer & Loathing.

(Thanks to Aaron Kenney for collating this list)

Here is the NABC beer lineup for 25 Years of Beer & Loathing, this Sunday at the Riverfront Amphitheater in New Albany. All the following will be ready to drink at 10:00 a.m., when the day kicks off. Remember that beer sales will go toward funding grants to Rauch Inc., NA 1st and the Isabel Jade Pickhardt Fund.

10 Anniversary Series:
Bourbon Daddy
Turbo Hog

2 Debuts:
Get Off My Lawn! (Session IPA)
Scotch De Ainslie (also a 10th Anniversary beer)

On Cask:
Double Dry Hopped Naughty Girl
Oaked Choufftimus (you-know-what with Chouffe yeast)

7 of your regular favorites:
Black & Blue Grass
Community Dark
Tafel Bier
Wee Foot

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sara Havens in LEO: "A salute to NABC."

All this week there'll be reminders of our anniversary posted here, leading up to the 25 Years of Beer and Loathing bash on the riverfront next Sunday. First up is my old pal Sara "Bar Belle" Havens of the Louisville Eccentric Observer, who interviewed me last week.

Bar Belle: A salute to NABC, by Sara Havens (LEO)

When I was 25, I drank like shit — cheap, American swill chased by shots of Jager or Rumple Minze. Unfortunately, some things haven’t changed. But throughout my years of socializing after dark, I’ve learned to appreciate good bourbon and craft beer.

Rich O’s/Sportstime Pizza/New Albanian Brewing Company in New Albany is celebrating its 25th birthday this month, and you better believe there won’t be a Miller Lite or shot of Jager anywhere near the place. In fact, co-owner Roger A. Baylor is renting out New Albany’s Riverfront Amphitheater to throw a big party. Mark your calendars for July 22. It’s free, starts at 10 a.m., and features live music, NABC beer, wine and a bloody mary bar (link here). I caught up with Baylor to reminisce about the last 25 years.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New "Baylor on Beer" at LouisvilleBeer.com

I reworked an older column from 2010 into this "Baylor on Beer" submission to LouisvilleBeer.com, proving that it's always okay to sample oneself, especially when the schedule is too busy to be original. Seeing as this is NABC's 25th anniversary week, the following helps to explain a few motivations of my own.

Daze of Rage

I’m often asked to provide advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, which can be a comical experience – for me, if not them. After all, as with most other entrepreneurs, most of what I’ve managed to do while “in business” is to have created a job description that applies only to me, and to perform these tailor-made duties quite well, as there exists little basis for comparison. In short, after 30 years in beer, I’m absolutely unemployable.
Other tidbits of advice include being prepared to work quite a lot for remuneration that’s seldom adequate, have as much fun as possible in lieu of pay, and most importantly, know yourself, because if you don’t know yourself, there’s little chance of understanding anyone else (this also helps in case of marriage).
It strikes me that in this context, what I wrote in 2010 as slightly revised below helps to explain, at least in part, what has compelled me to do what I’ve been doing since my first day of package liquor store employment in 1982, and subsequently running through more than two decades at NABC. It’s all about rage, perhaps finally tamed at this late date, but never entirely quelled.     

Friday, July 13, 2012

At LouisvilleBeer.com: Pint/CounterPint 5:1 ... Collaborations.

Pint/CounterPint 5:1 has been posted: "Are collaborations between breweries valuable apart from their usefulness in marketing to RateBeer.com?"

I say yes, Adam says no ... well, sort of.

Pint/CounterPint V – Are collaborations between breweries valuable?

Pint/CounterPint was created when Adam Watson (Against the Grain Brewery) wrote a loving response to the first Baylor on Beer article, Know your Enemy, written by Roger Baylor (New Albanian Brewing Company). At first we laughed whole-heartedly and admired the conviction and stance of both parties, and then we thought, “Hey, wait a minute… remember that old 60 Minutes segment called Point/Counterpoint?”

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Turbo Hog, NABC's 10th (brewery) anniversary India Malt Liquor, is on tap at BSB.

Quite possibly it's pouring at the Pizzeria & Public House, too, although I'm on my way to Indianapolis and haven't time to look. This is a preview; there'll be more to come.

Turbo Hog
ABV: 9.5%
OG: 20 degrees Plato
IBU: 86

India Malt Liquor
Malts: Rahr Pale, flaked maize
Sugar: White table sugar
Hops: Hallertau Magnum and Tettnanger, Czech Saaz (4 late kettle additions and dry hops)
Yeast: House Ale

The finest malt liquor yet devised by man
First came Bush Hog, and then its logical culmination, Turbo Hog (sans paper bags). Augmented with corn, boosted in strength, and refashioned as a malt liquor, it was a briefly invigorating experiment. Boss Hog was planned, but never brewed.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A reminder: NABC's lineup at the Indiana Microbrewers Festival this Saturday.

As a reminder, here is what NABC will be pouring on Saturday at the 17th annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival. We have a double-wide pouring area, and our machines kill fascists.

Beak's Best
Black & Blue Grass
Haggis Laddie
Naughty Girl (2012; cask-conditioned)
Yakima Rye IPA (Willett Rye barrel-aged)

Also: 2012 ReplicAle (Mild Ale)

Monday, July 09, 2012

Wed., July 11: Flat12 and NABC merriment at the Tomlinson Tap Room in Indy.

Flat 12 Bierwerks (Indianapolis) and my New Albanian Brewing Company (New Albany) enjoy each other's proximity, and so on Wednesday night (July 11) we're getting back together for Indiana Craft Beer Week to showcase our recent collaboration,Die Saur von Satan, and perform a dual tap takeover at Tomlinson Tap. The beers will be pouring from 6:00 p.m.

Flat12 beers to be poured include Kiwi Kiwi Hefeweizen, Merkuh (An ‘Merican beer!), El Diablo Blanco Roble, Van Pogue Reserve, Barrel-aged 12 Penny Scottish Ale, Nitro Moustache Ride Red and Hello My Name is Amber.

NABC's lineup: Knobentinus, Haggis Laddie, Yakima, Naughty Girl and Elector.

It's a split squad for NABC: David and Josh Hill will be at Tomlinson Tap Room, while the Publican (moi) and Richard are at Sinking Ship.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

NABCieged at The Sinking Ship: Kegs and bottles on Wednesday night.

I have it on reliable authority that the "Brewer's Choice" keg mentioned on the poster will be Mt. Lee (the rare, and in fact never previously glimpsed Ungespundet version).

There'll also be bottles on hand (Hoosier Daddy, Hoptimus, ThunderFoot and Tunnel Vision), with which I'll be devising a sampling and periodically edifying comments from thin air for the benefit of Girls Pint Out (whom I'll be schmoozing) or anyone else who cares to participate. I'll know the price when you do, 'cuz I haven't gotten that far.

It's a split squad for NABC: Me and Richard at Sinking Ship, and David and Josh at Tomlinson Tap Room for the Flat12/NABC collaboration.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mumford & Sons at Louisville's Waterfront Park ... with NABC's Black & Blue Grass.

Or so the order we've received would indicate. This is a great pairing of music and beer, so be sure to look for Black & Blue Grass on tap.



Duration: Monday, August 13 | 6:30pm (gates open at 5pm)
Venue: Great Lawn
Event Type: Concert
Contact: PRODUCTION SIMPLE | 502.897.5331

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Indiana Microbrewers Festival is Saturday, July 14, in Indianapolis.

Next week is going to be a busy one. For starters, here's the scoop on the annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival (July 14).


Indiana Microbrewers Festival Returns to Broad Ripple on Saturday, July 14

INDIANAPOLIS (updated July 3, 2012) – Indiana’s growing love affair with craft beer will be on display at the 17th Annual Microbrewers Festival on July 14 in Broad Ripple. Indiana brewers from around the state will be joined by a select group of out-of-state breweries in Optimist Park and the Indianapolis Art Center.

The Guild is proud to again partner with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. A portion of each ticket sale will benefit that organization.

While other businesses are struggling to survive, the number of Indiana breweries has more than doubled in the last five years. Many credit the “buy local” movement as influencing consumers’support of microbreweries, most of which are small, locally-owned businesses where small batch beer is hand-crafted onsite.

The festival is one of three produced by the Brewers of Indiana Guild, a statewide trade association representing all of Indiana’s 50-plus microbreweries. The Broad Ripple event, which made its debut in 1996, is the largest and longest-running craft beer festival in Indiana, drawing 5,000 craft beer enthusiasts in recent years.

World Class Beer, one of the country’s largest craft beer distributors, is the lead sponsor for the Guild’s three major festivals. World Class will host “Hopapalooza” at the Broad Ripple event, featuring two dozen top-flight beers from its extensive brand list. In addition to sampling craft beer, guests will enjoy the best that Indy has to offer: live music and a panoply of food from local favorites (available for purchase). The festival will go on, rain or shine.

Tickets are now available at ETIX.com and select central Indiana microbreweries. General admission tickets are $40 and include admission, a commemorative tasting glass, and access to over 150 beers in 2-ounce pours. VIP tickets are sold out.

The Brewers of Indiana Guild encourages responsible drinking. Attendees are encouraged to bring designated drivers, for whom admission is $10. Designated Drivers will enjoy free soft drinks and water throughout the festival. The entire venue will be limited to adults 21 and over — drinkers and designated drivers — and ID will be carefully checked at the gate.

The Brewers of Indiana Guild is proud to present the 17th Annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival on Saturday, July 14 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. (early entry at 2:00 for VIPs and Sponsors).

More information about this festival and other activities related to Indiana’s craft beer industry can be found at www.BrewersofIndianaGuild.com.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

At HBG: "Flat12 / New Albanian Collaboration - Black Berliner Weiss."

Gina has a comprehensive report at Hoosier Beer Geek. The collaboration in question, called Die Saur Von Satan, will be in Indianapolis for a couple of select appearances prior to the annual guild fest. Stay tuned.

Flat12 / New Albanian Collaboration - Black Berliner Weiss

Invitations to tag along for brew days don't come our way too often, so when we got an email asking if we wanted to join Flat 12 and New Albanian for a collaboration brew, we excitedly agreed.  I wasn't the only one in the group who wanted to attend, but scheduling foiled many yet again, so I went solo.  
When temperatures are hot, brew days start early.  When you live two hours from the brewery, your day starts even earlier.  I left the house at six in the morning and made a quick stop for coffee and doughnuts, cause people like it when you bring them doughnuts, and headed south to New Albanian Brewery's Grant Line location ...

Tonight's 2012 Independence Festival at the Riverfront Amphitheater in New Albany is a go, and NABC will be there.

The city's annual fireworks and music show is today. Follow this link for the city's prospectus:

"The City of New Albany and The Horseshoe Foundation proudly present the 2012 Independence Festival" Tuesday July 3rd 2012 at the scenic Riverfront Amphitheater.

For those so inclined, adult refreshments will begin around 4:00 p.m., and last call will be no later than 10:45 p.m.

The inner "beer garden" dispensing area is restricted to those 21 years of age or older, although drinks can be carried into the all-ages area, but not outside the perimeter of the venue's fencing.

I know that the city has a vendor for ice cream, and there'll be a truck with potable water on hand. There may be other food vendors present. Know that there's nothing  illegal about bringing food to the event; all this talk of fencing is necessary because of state law governing temporary alcohol permits. Unfortunately, the state alcohol regs are not European, and that's regrettable.

NABC hopes to see you there tonight. We'll be selling Progressive Pints of Black & Blue Grass, Tafel, Yakima and Extra Ordinary Bitter. Wick's will be on hand with domestic beers, and River City Winery's there, too.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

At LouisvilleBeer.com: "Are you drinking locally?"

It's Indie Week. My opinion? The sooner we make localism and independence part and parcel of the daily craft beer dialogue, the better. But we must WANT to think about what's involved.

Are you drinking locally?

Occasionally I’m accused by my critics (oddly, a handful remain) of having an insufficient social conscience, in the sense of my always preaching about beer when more important issues beg to be addressed.
With specific reference to my workplace in downtown New Albany, this criticism sometimes is extended to encompass the relatively sudden growth of dining and drinking establishments over the past five years, with the question being phrased something like this: Can gluttony and drunkenness alone revitalize a moribund area?
My answer is that unless we discover vast oil reserves beneath our decaying pavements, or find a way to mimic the manufacturing practices of Asian sweat shops inside the many remaining deteriorated historic structures, then yes, beefsteak and porter are fairly good starter options for regeneration, at least when they’re correctly prepared – the meat served rare, and the beer in a damned big glass.