Friday, July 27, 2012

Bomber Blonde comes to Bank Street Brewhouse and Live @ Five, this afternoon.

Previously, I explained about craft beer at the ballpark in 2012, with the Dubois County Bombers and NABC pairing for a second season to provide an alternative to mainstream lager at League Stadium in Huntingburg, Indiana.

Now the baseball campaign is winding down, the players will soon return to their college squads, and NABC still has a few kegs of Bomber Blonde in stock. It's time to see what New Albania thinks about this beer, our first-ever Blonde Ale (BJCP category 6B), and so we're putting it on tap today (Friday, July 27) at Bank Street Brewhouse.

Bomber Blonde also will be pouring at this afternoon's Live @ 5, which moves back to the 400 block of Bank Street, between the Carnegie Center and Bank Street Brewhouse. NABC, Wick's and River City Winery will be vending adult beverages, perhaps with Habana Blues, seeing as their mojitos went over quite well at last week's event.

Henceforth, Bomber Blonde always will be known as such when on tap at Dubois County Bombers games. Tony Beard used NABC's familiar 15-B Vargas Girl and dressed her in a slightly more family-friendly way for use as the mascot of Bomber Blonde (above). However, NABC might select a different name for in-house use. As always, you are advised to stay tuned as we flip coins and consult our Ouija boards.

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