Monday, July 30, 2012

Mama, that man is drinking with the dead again.

Gregg Seidl's at it again, and better yet, you are invited to join in the stroll. Needless to say, Bank Street Brewhouse is on the itinerary. You may recall last fall's Steamboat Common, which we brewed for the bicentennial of steamboats on the Ohio River, in preparation for the same recipe serving as New Albany's bicentennial beer in 2013. I'm thinking about renaming it "Nefarious New Albany Ale" next year. Any thoughts?

Join me for some "spiritual" fun on Saturday, August 4, 2012. The guided walking tour begins at Hugh E. Birs at 7 p.m., and before the night is through, we'll visit several downtown New Albany establishments where you'll enjoy a cool drink of your choice while hearing of some of the bizarre and ghastly events that took place within thier walls, as well as learning of other gruesome events that happened in the places we'll pass along our way.

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