Sunday, July 08, 2012

NABCieged at The Sinking Ship: Kegs and bottles on Wednesday night.

I have it on reliable authority that the "Brewer's Choice" keg mentioned on the poster will be Mt. Lee (the rare, and in fact never previously glimpsed Ungespundet version).

There'll also be bottles on hand (Hoosier Daddy, Hoptimus, ThunderFoot and Tunnel Vision), with which I'll be devising a sampling and periodically edifying comments from thin air for the benefit of Girls Pint Out (whom I'll be schmoozing) or anyone else who cares to participate. I'll know the price when you do, 'cuz I haven't gotten that far.

It's a split squad for NABC: Me and Richard at Sinking Ship, and David and Josh at Tomlinson Tap Room for the Flat12/NABC collaboration.

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