Tuesday, November 15, 2011

(5) NABC Footed Stout Series.

Footed Stout Series

Belgian sunshine for Monsieur Scratch
NABC’s strain of Belgian yeast from the Ardennes transforms strong, rich Stout into a matter of hoofed provocation.
8.2% abv
30 IBU

There’s always time to sew more oats
Some smooth, some sweet, and some roast. Is it breakfast yet?
ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 26

Ultimate urban renewal
There can be no doubt: ThunderFoot actively renounces the gentle tweak, the mild revision, and the imperceptible hint. ThunderFoot neither seeks to make a plausible case for adaptive reuse, nor can be bothered with the nuances of historical preservation. ThunderFoot puts its elongated foot squarely down, advocating your palate’s restructuring the old-fashioned way – whole cloth, entire, complete, irresistible, certain and inevitable.
12% abv
90 IBU
Also available in 22-oz bomber bottles

Feed the beast
A dry and sessionable Stout. On those days when you only need a little stout, WeeFoot is there.
5% abv
48 IBU

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