Saturday, November 19, 2011

(10) NABC Single Malt Single Hop APA Series.

Single Malt Single Hop APA Series

This series is an ongoing educational tool for learning to appreciate an individual hop and malt in a classic APA style. The long term idea: Through the matchups in this tournament, we will crown a “champion” that will become the NABC house APA. Contestants are brewed on back to back days and tapped at the same time, and the first one to run out advances as the round winner.

Round 1:

Cascade vs. Nugget
Released November 2009

First round winner: Cascade

Round 2:

Amarillo vs. Centennial
Released April 2010

Second round winner: Amarillo

Round 3:

vs. Simcoe
Released July 2010

Third round winner: Simcoe

Round 4:

Summit vs. Warrior
Released October 2010

Fourth round winner: Summit


Cascade vs. Amarillo
Released January 2011

Winner: Amarillo


Summit vs. Simcoe
Released Spring 2011

Winner: Simcoe

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