Thursday, June 01, 2006

Churchill Downs Microfest? We'll pass.

Alert reader Todd “Keg Liquors” Antz asks:

“Do you have any information on the Churchill Microfest this weekend? My wife and I were talking about going, but I really have not had much information on it. I read that New Albanian will be there, along with a few other local brewers.”

He’s referring to the Microbrew Festival in the Infield at Churchill Downs, an event this weekend that I’d heard was taking place. However, neither the brew crew nor myself can recall being approached about participating.

Here’s the official description, straight from the (grimace) horse’s mouth:

Don’t miss the inaugural Microbrew Festival in the Infield at Churchill Downs, featuring local brewery and beer distributor booths offering beer specials and free samples.

The mystery deepens.

No mention of The New Albanian Brewing Company there, so where did the reference originate?

Todd solves the oddity with this attribution:

Anyone within day-trip range of Louisville might be interested to know that Churchill Downs is having its inaugural Microbrew Festival this coming weekend (June 3rd and 4th). Looks like it could be a great time. Here’s some details I got when I called over, today.

The correspondent called Churchill Downs and was told that New Albanian would be taking part in the event.

Problem is, no one called us.

Wait … Jared says that we received an ambiguous message on Tuesday (fielded by another of our workers) from a Churchill Downs representative asking about buying some of our beer.

Talk about last minute …

There’s a billboard on the northwest corner of 4th and Elm in New Albany that shouldn’t be there in the first place owing to its inner city neighborhood location, and appearing on it a few days ago was this:

“Free Beer Samples.”

The billboard is touting the microbrew fest at Churchill Downs.

To be truthful, people don’t go to the racetrack for good beer, or to a casino for good beer. Some visitors will drink good beer if it’s there, but that’s not why they go.

In my mind, it wouldn’t do us very much good to have beer at Churchill Downs, if only for a two-day gig.

And we won't.


barenada said...

People should definitely go to DaveFest instead.

edward parish said...

My bride read it to me in the CJ that NABC was having a booth there along with BBC and Cumberland.

swan_king said...

Hmmm...DaveFest or Churchill Downs MicroFest? Perhaps I'll just stay home and catch up on some Futurama reruns.


David R. Pierce said...

I saw the ad in Velocity: NABC, Cumberland, BBC. We will have beer there in a Mo Moorman/Coors beer trailer same as every year.

David R. Pierce said...

C-J Friday Extra article

antzman said...

I bet that is a glass of Coors Light they are toasting the track with in the picture in the article on the CJ web site. I'm surprised they did not announce Keg Liquors will have a booth there as well! Someone has done some poor research in putting this article together.