Monday, June 12, 2006

Rich O's medals in Rate Beer's "Best Beer Bars in the United States."

Thanks to my pal Jay for calling my attention to this!

Not to be outdone by the recent Beer Advocate accounting of the “Top 50 Places to Have A Beer in America” rankings, Rate Beer has released its own list of “Best Beer Bars in the United States.”

Both web sites compile subjective ratings submitted by registered users, so the process isn’t rigorously scientific – just good, clean fun and maybe short-term bragging rights.

Drum roll, please: Rich O’s Public House has earned a gold medal and a ranking of #3 in Rate Beer’s polling, compared to #19 at Beer Advocate.

Does this really mean we’re the third best such establishment in the whole US of A?

As noted previously, it’s just nice to be included in conversations like these and to know that we’ve worked hard to deserve being tossed into the mix.

But what I actually do like about this newfound notoriety is “New Albany” alongside Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Brooklyn and Baltimore. My friends, that’s a kick.


barenada said...

That's awesome, Roger. Congrats!

lonegunman said...

I couldn't agree more. Outstanding!

David R. Pierce said...

Congratulations! The home of Biscuit (Horse Brass) at 18 sounds low for them.

The New Albanian said...

I thought the Horse Brass was cool in terms of the beer selection and overall ambience -- Biscuit wasn't there, but the bartenders were extremely knowledgeable -- but it was without a doubt one of the smokiest places I've ever been, and consequently, there was no judging the nose of a beer on a Friday night there.

Didn't stop me from drinking 'em, though.

lonegunman said...

I've been to Tornonado during Barley Wine fest. The beer was awesome, selection great, but the staff was unfriendly and grubby and the surroundings were grubby. Guess it should always be about the beer.

antzman said...

I was surprised that the Hooters in Jeffersonville did not make the list as well, especially around World Cup time!

Seriously though, congratulations Roger!

Brandon W. Smith said...

Congrats Roger! I was already using that #19 ranking to impress my non-New Albanian friends, so #3 will blow them away.

By the way, the picture they are using on ratebeer for RichO's is one of my brother and I from about 6 or 7 years ago.