Friday, June 16, 2006

Bard's Tale returning to the Public House next Wednesday.

Here’s good news from Mat Gerdenich, owner of the Cavalier Distributing, Inc., Indianapolis beer wholesaler:

Bard’s Tale is back in Indiana! I have plenty in the warehouse.

The New Grist is also in good supply and selling well.

No good estimate as to when the Hambleton Gluten Free from England will be in. The importer is still struggling with the Feds on label approval, so it is going to be a while.

In Indianapolis: Cases of Bard’s Tale are being delivered to Castleton Wine and Spirits, Kahn’s, Wild Oats and Parti Pack (South Side) this week.

We deliver to New Albany area on Wednesday, June 21.

I will give you an update soon as the beer gets on the shelf in more stores.


Look for Bard's Tale at the Public House on Wednesday evening, and if you're wondering what this is about, see these previous articles:

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