Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Grist Beer -- more sorghum-based hope for Celiac beer lovers.

A little shy of a year ago, a contract-brewed, gluten-free ale was released in Indiana to much fanfare in the expanding community of Celiac Disease sufferers, who must avoid barley, wheat, rye, oats and spelt in their diets -- in short, the very grains used to brew almost every beer in the world:

Three cheers: Bard's Tale brings beer back to the Celiacs.

Unfortunately, there were quality control problems with the bottling process. Bottles of Bard’s Tale Dragon's Gold self-detonated continuously throughout the summer, and finally last fall, stocks were pulled and the wait began to see when the company's product would return to the shelves.

It still may, although apparently since Bard's Tale was released the Feds have become more interested in labeling requirements for such beers, and this has delayed several other entrants into what might become a crowded field.

In the meantime, a Wisconsin microbrewing competitor has a "sorghum beer" on the shelves – and it’s now in stock at Rich O’s.

The new beer is called New Grist, brewed by Lakefront Brewing Company in Milwaukee. I opened a bottle today, and in most respects it's similar to the Bard's Tale: Light, golden, well-carbonated, and with a slight bitterness up front, but ending sweet in a mildly buttery way that I’m guessing is a characteristic of sorghum.

Here’s the web site: New Grist Beer.

I'm hoping the bottles don't explode this time around.

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