Monday, March 27, 2006

I’m guessing she’s not a beer enthusiast.

Desperately in need of content, the Louisville Courier-Journal recently ran this piece of fluff from the Rockies:

You are what you drink, by Sheba R. Wheeler, Denver Post Staff Writer.

The premise is reasonable:

Experts have made a science out of pegging people's inner qualities based on their outer actions. Personality shows up in everything we do, and folks judge us accordingly.

The music we download, the clothes we wear and the cars we drive reflect who we are, how we view the world and how we choose to interact in it at any given moment, says Cherry Creek psychologist Maximillian Wachtel.

The same principles apply to alcoholic beverages. Particularly so because they often contribute to the first impressions we make on others - sometimes on a date, other times at a business dinner or a family reunion.

It's all downhill from there. The writer goes so far as to list personality types as indicated by different varieties of flavored vodka, but predictably, beer is lumped into one generic category -- as though the Miller Lite drinker and the consumer of Imperial Stout were one and the same.

The less said about it, the better.


antzman said...

So if I walk into my favorite place and order an Old Guardian Barley Wine, or stop in my favorite store and get a six pack of Old Rasputin, that means I am easygoing? She obviously does not know the beer people that I do! I also like the thought of someone buying a $2 half pint of cheap bourbon as sophisticated. Hmmm, let's see, will it be the Heaven Hill 90 proof bourbon, or the Clan McGregor blended scotch..... I'm feeling a bit sophisticated tonight, so I'll get one of those instead of my usual MD 20/20

antzman said...

Of course if I was easygoing, I would not be obsessing over the fact that Old Rasputin comes in a 4 pack and not a 6 pack.... Damn her oily hide!