Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Coffee – the other beverage of choice for the Curmudgeon.

My Wednesday morning bicycle ride brought me into proximity of Caffe Classico on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, and another great conversation with Tommie Mudd, the owner.

Tommie has a marvelous new neon sign that displays “open” in English, Spanish and Arabic.

The Danesi brand Italian-roast espresso is top-notch, as always; they're the same beans I buy from him for the Saeco home espresso machine.

Using beer as a point of comparison, Classico’s espresso is smooth and burnished like an aged Old Crusty, while the roast served at places like Heine Brothers is more aggressive, like a young Double IPA (see yesterday’s rumination about Hoptimus).

Both have their place.

Visit Robin Garr’s web site for more information – there hasn’t been an update for a year or so, but the information’s sufficiently accurate. Tommie serves beer, too, including Duvel and sometimes Chimay Blue, and he has been expanding the schedule of activities during evening hours.

If memory serves, Classico is now closed on Monday.

Maido Essential Japanese is but a few minutes down Frankfort Avenue in one direction, and the Irish Rover only a couple of blocks away in the other. The Grape Leaf – super Middle Eastern cuisine but no beer – is just across the street.


medrep said...
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The New Albanian said...

(Shrug) - that's the point, medrep. They're not simple at all.

However, what is "simple" is referring to something as "shitty."

What it boils down to is this: It is my policy not to permit anonymous comments, because anonymous comments encourage the abandonment of normal standards of reason, discretion and politeness.

Consequently, I've deleted your comment. I will happily put it back after you have identified yourself in a private e-mail to me. I will not disclose your identity to anyone else (Dr. Dan will attest to my standards).

Thanks you for being a responsible citizen of the local blogosphere.

medrep said...
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The New Albanian said...

You don't seem to be catching my drift.

This does not have to do with the nature of your opinions, and I'm more than delighted to indulge you, to discuss ideas with you, and even to disagree with you while defending your right to those opinions.

I will not do so in the context of me being a known entity and you wearing a mask.

That's my policy. I've provided you with the means of conforming to my policy. Thanks.

medrep said...
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The New Albanian said...

Dealing with hooded strangers often means tolerating veiled hostility, cowardice, confusion or worse.

Life's too short for that.

Anyway, being yourself, i.e., being a responsible adult, does not strike me as too many rules, but to each his or her own.

Besides, one piece of signed writing followed by 34 anonymous comments doesn't strike me as a conversation. It's more like an infomercial for arrested development.

You've made at least two good points during the course of this petulant display, and as I've stated twice already, it would be marvelous to discuss them at length.

You know what to do, and when to do it.