Friday, March 10, 2006

NABC Elector Ale and author/lawyer/activist Gloria Allred at the Culbertson West.

See if you can spot the part of this photo that is profoundly tacky, out of place, and just plain wrong.

If you answered "that blue phallic swill symbol on the left," you're correct!

NABC helped to sponsor last evening's chat and book signing with Gloria Allred, which took place at the Culbertson West in downtown New Albany.

Our Elector Ale ("It makes democracy pointless") supplanted Amber Bock in the nicely appointed Culbertson Club bar for the evening, and was well received by a large crowd in attendance. I'm proud that NABC was represented, and thanks go to Carl and Steve (owners of Third Century Services) for having us.

For more information on the event, go to NA Confidential:

The week that was.

UPDATED: Gloria Allred's "Fight Back and Win," at Culbertson West this Thursday, March 9.

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