Monday, March 20, 2006

CJ visits the Wine Rack, Frankfort Avenue, Louisville.

There’s great coverage today for John Johnson and his Wine Rack store on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville.

Wine Guy: Owner makes shopping for spirits easier, by Chris Poynter (The Courier-Journal – limited time for article availability).

Johnson knows most of his customers by name -- and has memorized their tastes. He also has a personal philosophy: Wine should not be the drink of the upper crust only.

"A lot of the public is a little leery about a wine shop. They feel it will be snooty or snobby -- or that they will look stupid for not knowing something," he said. "I wanted to put people at ease when they walk through the door.

"It doesn't matter if they've been drinking wine for 20 years or a couple of months. If they're interested, I wanted to help them."

John's a great guy, and I'm happy to see his mug in the newspaper.

The Wine Rack is located next to the Heine Brothers coffee shop and Carmichael’s Bookstore. A walk along Frankfort Avenue from John’s store toward downtown Louisville takes you past numerous restaurants and shops, ranging from the Irish Rover to Café Classico and Maido, and is a monthly highlight of our household routine.

If only in New Albany ...

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David R. Pierce said...

The Wine Rack is three blocks from my house. I walk down every now and then to pick-up a sixer. Decent small beer selection and John is a great guy.