Thursday, March 30, 2006

LouisvilleHotBytes will join LEO in providing Louisville area "restaurant reviews and food-and-drink coverage."

Both the Curmudgeon and the BBC Beer God (otherwise known as David Pierce) are frequent visitors to the Louisville Restaurants Forum, which is moderated by food and wine writer Robin Garr – who also edits the quarterly beer columns I write for Food & Dining magazine.

Beer pops up on the forum fairly often, and because food and beer go so well together, it seems fitting and proper that I share this announcement from Robin.

I am absolutely delighted to announce that LouisvilleHotBytes will be joining with LEO to provide restaurant reviews and food-and-drink coverage for the region's first and best alternative newspaper.

We'll begin with the issue of April 12, and will introduce a new format that I like to call "blog on paper," featuring not only a lead weekly review of a restaurant (or several), with additional material that may range from capsule reviews to food-industry comment and opinion pieces, reports on what's coming and going, public-service announcements about food-related events and much more, along with photography provided by LouisvilleHotBytes, LEO staff and contributors.

I'll serve as lead writer and organizer but will count on a large and growing group of volunteers - including many familiar personalities from this forum and familiar contributors from LEO's staff - to provide an exciting and diverse range of voices and, not insignificantly, to ensure that key reviews are done anonymously. Like LEO itself, we're going to make this thing light, bright, interactive and reader-friendly, and maybe just a bit off-beat and even occasionally wacky. I can guarantee you this: It won't be your grandmother's staid, gray newspaper.

In addition to appearing in print in LEO every Wednesday, this feature (tentatively titled "LEO's Eat'n'Blog with LouisvilleHotBytes" unless we come up with something even better) will appear after print publication on both LEO's Website and LouisvilleHotBytes.I'm excited to have LEO join the growing list of LouisvilleHotBytes media partners ... it goes without saying that I'll continue my editor-in-chief and content-providing relationship with Food & Dining and my recently launched restaurant and wine columns in The Voice-Tribune.

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