Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mailbag: Gwatkin ciders and perry in polypins?

Reader question:

A couple of years ago, you ran a special at Rich O’s and had plastic barrels filled with English cider. When are you going to do it again?

The 6-gallon faux barrels we had that time are called polypins, which are food-grade plastic of some variety with a convenient spigot on the side for dispensing.

These polypins were brought to us by the B. United International importing powerhouse, and were filled with three libations from the U.K.: Gwatkin Yarlington Mill (a single varietal cider), Gwatkin Scrumpy (a blend) and Gwatkin Blakeney Red Perry (pear cider).

They’re still listed at the company’s web site.

David Frost, my diligent B. United representative, has confirmed that his firm isn’t currently importing these products owing to lack of demand stateside.

Too bad!

Not only were the ciders and perry quite good, but they also required little upkeep. We merely moved the polypins in and out of the walk-in cooler and poured them from the top of the cask ale cabinet behind the bar.

David promises that B. United will keep us in mind should the opportunity arise to purchase Gwatkin polypins again.

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