Sunday, April 16, 2006

Diplomacy in Rogue Nation.

Okay, okay -- you want to know why the narrative has been interrupted? Try spending two days residing in a guest room located above the tap room of one of the microbrewing world's premier breweries.

The legendary Jim Cline of Rogue Ales, Special Ed (Rogue Nation chieftain) and the blogger celebrate the end of the Rogue brewery tour on Thursday, April 13.

We're pictured in the bar at the Rogue Public House, located on the bayfront of Newport, with commercial fishing installations just across the street. The brewery's across the harbor.

Where to begin? Great folks, numerous varieties of distinctive beer, drinking establishments on both sides of the harbor, wearables and gear, a new and growing distillation operation (Northwestern botanicals in a gin, for example, and also a craft vodka), oyster shooters and Kobe beef burgers, more great folks ... the list goes on and on.

Rogue is a prime exemplar of the human element in craft brewing. There is a palpable spirit of mischief worthy of the brewery's name.

For those of you urging a group trip to Oregon and Washington ... there is hope. I've been having an absolutely wonderful time.

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