Thursday, April 06, 2006

Santa Fe, sans Atcheson & Topeka.

Santa Fe, New Mexico -- a four hundred year old city.

We're 7,000 feet up, having labored through 500 miles of 50 mph headwinds from OK City and Amarillo. The reward? Beer, of course. First up is the Blue Corn Cafe, a brewery on the outskirts, in the exurb, and a block away from the sufficiently cheap Comfort Inn.

A bit sterile, but reputedly good food. My IPA and Porter both were technically proficient, and I could have had more than one of each. Getting the attention of our "next American Idol" singing bartender was somewhat difficult.

Next up was Second Street Brewery, which was much more like it. A diverse clientele ranging from stoners to three-piece suits, a marvelous Thursday curry special and top-flight beer (IPA, ESB and Imperial Stout) helped to take the edge off of a day's worth of dust storms and wind resistance. Funky and heartily recommended.

Friday morning, the plan is to spend time in the historic heart of Santa Fe before making a short hop to Albuquerque. Saturday, it's California ... maybe.

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