Thursday, April 20, 2006

Back home again in Indiana (why?)

The trip's over, and reality is setting in.


It was inconvenient to use the Internet at several points during the past few days, which accounts for the paucity of material, but daily posting will now resume as I sort through the backlog of scribbling and photos.

Without it being a full-time job, comprehensiveness with respect to the beer scenes in Portland and Seattle would be almost impossible. It's fairly incredible, really.

Here's the answer to Ed's question: I did not see Phil "Biscuit" T., as he was out of town (with a girlfriend, according to the bartender at the Horse Brass).

Graham was to have seen him yesterday, so we'll have to wait until he gets back before receiving a report.

More after I'm better organized ...


Highwayman said...

Welcome Home!

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