Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Greetings from Oklahoma City.

850 miles later, we're well on the way to Santa Fe.

In Cave City, Kentucky, we stopped for coffee at a stop 'n' rob adjacent to the Dinosaur World and unexpectedly met the self-described Commonwealth bow hunting champion, who described bagging a dove.

West of Nashville, it was time for a rest stop:

In West Memphis, Graham added a quart of oil to the top-performing Crown Vic.

My first ever visit to Arkansas left me amazed that it produced a leader of the free world, and a token spitwad was aimed at the random Wal-Mart. The wind's been up in Oklahoma, and Thursday might be stormy on the way to New Mexico. Here's an overturned semi in the middle of OK City (Lloyd, we cringed for you).

By the way, the draft system in the trunk works (Hoptimus in the Super 8 plastic glass). There are a few brewpubs here in OK City, but after all those miles, the Kings-Spurs and NABC sounds better than going back out.

More tomorrow ...


edward parish said...

“Rode into town in my slick crown vic,Feeling kind of restless,"

John Hammond

Highwayman said...

The irony here is the very day you took the semi picture I was coming back from Indianapolis empty.

As came out from under the overpass at Henryville, A gust of wind hit me broadside so hard that the wheelspin light came on in my dash! That only occurs when either one is on ice or the wheels aren't touching the ground!

Lucky for me, the rig stayed upright. I guess sometimes being a bit overweight is a good thing!