Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Check out "Indiana Beer" coverage of Gravity Head 2006.

Matt Dunn is the Indiana Beer website's correspondent for that third of the state that few in Indianapolis and points north know exists, i.e., the part south of Columbus that upstaters commonly assume to be par and parcel of Kentucky (except Seymour, which qualifies as an enclave of Indiana owing to it being the birthplace of John Mellencamp).

In any event, Matt was in town on Saturday afternoon for Gravity Head, and he has contributed a wonderful report, with an accompanying photo of my good friend and former employee Buddy to accent the music:

Gravity Head 2006

At this point Radiohead's Paranoid Android is playing. The speaker is right next to me. It's loud. I'm fairly inebriated. After many hours of being some of the only people in the bar, I look around and notice it has really filled up. To get to the bathroom I had to navigate the tangle of legs and arms outstretched clutching half pints of strong ale all to the da-dada-da-da-dum-dumdum-da-da then the siren like guitar would explode: reeeerr reeeerr rereeeerrr weeeoooo weeeeooooo wooo. Man, I felt like I was in a Hunter S. Thompson book. That song is intense. I wish they wouldn't play that song at Gravity Head anymore.

Note: Photo credits go to Matt.


The Resident Curmudgeon said...

Are you resident? If so, you are infringing on my copywrite. I'll excuse the gaffe if you put me in line for some good brew.

Matthew D Dunn said...

I had a blast on Saturday. But I left my nice sunglasses at Rich O's (on purpose??) so it looks like I get to stop back this weekend and sample the new beers. Damn.