Saturday, February 25, 2006

We're under way.

As my aching knees will attest, opening night of Gravity Head 2006 was wildly successful, and all of us at NABC thank all of you who came out and made the night festive.

Speaking from my side of the bar, this year's kickoff was the smoothest ever. FOSSILS and LAGERS club members enjoyed preferred seating at Prost, and this relieved the corwding in other sectors, resulting in a better experience for all.

It helps to have a great opening night lineup. Early "best of" sentiments have centered on Rogue Old Crusty 2002, Bell's Batch 7000 and Samichlaus 2001, with Jesse's NABC Thunderfoot drawing much praise.

Also, the choice of the fans' vote for the 17th slot, New Holland Dragon's Milk, is virtually everyone's choice for "way better than we remember."

Wonderful night last night.

See you tonight.

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