Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Both Zagrebs come to mind.

Loyal reader Jay has passed along disheartening news.

Fire kills owner of Bloomington's Little Zagreb (Associated Press/Indy Star).

Although the restaurant, a Bloomington cultural institution of the “old school” variety, will remain in business, it’s always sad to see a generation pass from the scene.

I visited Little Zagreb (the steakhouse) and Zagreb (Croatia) each one time.

The meal in Bloomington was fine, but not “Yugoslav” in any identifiable manner.

The single day in 1987 spent roaming the streets of its namesake was altogether too short, though enjoyable, ending with several mugs of beer at the outdoor seating area of the train station bistro. I recall them as good. Perhaps the proximity to Slovenia's hop fields had something to do with it. The next morning, I boarded an express for Sarajevo.

More on that some other time.

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