Saturday, February 18, 2006

From Jamaica Plain to Germantown.

Transplanted New Albanian native Gina provides this fascinating link to a neighborhood revitalization project centering on a long abandoned brewery complex in Boston.

The toast of JP: Neighbors hope rehabilitation of a former brewery will bring new life to their long-neglected section, by Christine McConville, The Boston Globe.

One tenant at the former Haffenreffer Brewery site is Samuel Adams, which was the topic of a previous AP story in 2005:

A bit of Boston's rich brewery past lives on at Sam Adams Brewery, by Mark Jewell, Associated Press.

More details are presented by the Jamaica Plain Historical Society, which covered some of the same ground in this article, copyrighted in 1995:

History of Beer Making in Jamaica Plain.

My personal interest in beer runs parallel to longstanding obsessions with history and geography, and all these paths converge in articles like the ones linked here.

Don’t forget that when it comes to the history of brewing in Louisville, focusing primarily on the pre-microbrewery era, the standard and highly recommended text is, "Louisville Breweries: A History of the Brewing Industry in Louisville, Kentucky," by Peter R. Guetig and Conrad D. Selle.

It is available at Destinations Booksellers in downtown New Albany.

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