Sunday, February 05, 2006

That certain summer, and my efforts to remember it.

From contract-brewed Carlsberg chasing moussaka in the shadow of the Acropolis to the touristed but essential ambience of Munich's Hofbrauhaus ... from creamy draft Guinness served in international waters aboard the ferry to Ireland, to reindeer sausage with "Admiral" lager in Finland ... my inaugural journey to Europe in 1985 provided a primer for an appreciation of beer that has continued to grow and expand in the years since.

Of course, I didn't always understood what I was drinking, but you have to start somewhere.

Last year, possessed by the weight of twenty years suddenly gone by, I commenced an effort to document the events that transpired during my first European interlude.

As with virtually every project I undertake, the travel chronicle series was undertaken with the best of intentions, but of course the initial fervor eventually dissipated, and only three installments were published. Now there is a fourth. Here's the complete list of locations at the NA Confidential blog:

4 - It was twenty years ago today ... a stay in Pecetto, and the way to Wien.

3 - It was twenty years ago today ... and one fine day in the Italian countryside.

2 - It was twenty years ago today ... and 48 hours to Istanbul.

1 - It was twenty years ago today …

With luck (and time), there’ll be more to follow. Happy reading.

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