Thursday, February 23, 2006

Gravity Head fans speak: New Holland Dragon's Milk will fill the 17th starting slot.

It was a spirited contest, with all eligible beers receiving at least one vote, and three eventually pulling away from the pack with four votes or more: Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine, Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA and New Holland Dragon’s Milk.

Dragon's Milk was the winner with 6 votes, with 5 for Devil Dancer and 4 for Old Guardian. I'll try to get them on tap as soon as possible.

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JerryLives said...

my heart is heavy...i didnt know there was a vote! Im a huge IPA fan and now that i know im comming saturday im CRUSHED...oh well looks like i'll have to on 17 others fine top shelf brews....WAAAA!!!I CANT EFFIN WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!1