Tuesday, February 21, 2006

FOSSILS AND LAGERS members, this one's for you.

For opening night of Gravity Head 2006, we're dedicating Prost (our new banquet and special events area, pictured at left during the 2005 holiday Port tasting) to preferred seating for FOSSILS and LAGERS club members.

Thanks to all the club members who have sent their RSVPs for Friday night, February 24. There will not be reserved seats by name, but there should be plenty of tables and chairs, so feel free to mix and match seating.

We'll not be checking memberships, and expect the honor system to suffice. However, depending on the crowding elsewhere, Prost might serve as a valuable recruitment too (join now, get a beanie and a chair).

We apologize in advance for delays in food, as we know the kitchen will be swamped, but drinks shouldn't be a problem, as the room will have a server of its own (Nikki, who used to work for us). Get the pizza orders in upon arrival, and we'll get it to you as fast as we can.

Sarah Ring informs me that both her son Cody and Ben Capshew will be available to drive people home if necessary. More information will be available on site.

Finally, remember that on Saturday night, Pat, Larry and the Dayton (Ohio)contingent (roughly 30 people) will be using Prost as their Gravity Head staging ground, and if any local club members are around, I'm sure they wouldn't mind visits.

Updates will be posted here at the Potable Curmudgeon's blog, and the usual weekly Publicanista! newsletter will be up on Thursday. Recall that currently I'm having problems with newsletter subscribers who are on AOL, so if you're one, just remember to check the blogs, and you'll get all the information.

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