Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Gravity Head preparations: Fast and furious.

Remember that the updated beer list is here: February 10 updates and current listings for "Gravity Head 2006: Reality ABV."

I’m now trying to lock down the starting lineup.

As noted previously, the object this year will be to assemble a mix of microbrewed and imported choices, with each one different from the next.

After initial indications that foraging would be scant, the number of listed beers for Gravity Head has zoomed to 53, with 22 of them first-time drafts at Rich O’s, and because several of the best ones already are known to be late arrivals, this may well be the deepest group I’ve ever put together.

The lineup in mid-March could be as good or better than the one on February 24.

Stay tuned, because next week, things will start getting crazy …

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