Saturday, February 04, 2006

Contact me about group seating possibilities for Gravity Head opening night.

You already know that Gravity Head 2006 opening weekend is Friday and Saturday, February 24 and 25.

Here’s the link to current Gravity Head beer information:

End of January update: "Gravity Head 2006: Reality ABV" advance orders preview.

If you’ve attended past Gravity Heads, you know that the first two nights are wall to wall insanity, especially Friday, although last year for the first time, Saturday night was busier than Friday. Certainly one reason for this was an eagerness to avoid opening night claustrophobia.

This year, we have a previously unavailable option in accommodating the crowds: Prost, the banquet/party room that we’ve been carving out of the wing of the building that formerly was occupied by the accounting office.

Numerous details are left to be resolved, and the remodeling isn’t completely finished, but it’s sufficiently close to completion to use during Gravity Head opening weekend.

Here’s the catch, and also the next issue that must be resolved before we’re able to use the new room for anything other than special events: The kitchen already is too small to handle the volume of business on a Friday, and packing another 50 people into Prost stands not to help the situation.

Now, we’re sorting through solutions to this problem, and there’ll be a workable plan of some sort soon, but the reason I’m telling you these things is that while Prost already is booked for Saturday night (the 25th), it’s available for Friday night. We’ll have a server just for the room, with drink service as always.

I’m doubting that there’ll be a large group to take up the whole space, so putting two smaller groups in Prost would relieve seating anxiety on the 24th, with the sole caveat that we need to discuss dining beforehand. Perhaps we can come up with something equitable to satisfy all of us on a crazy night.

Were you planning on bringing a larger-than-normal group to Gravity Head opening night on Friday, February 24? Contact me at, and we’ll discuss the options.

Note too that Prost is non-smoking. Eventually there will be a separately ventilated smoking area.

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