Monday, February 27, 2006

Not only that, but it helps with scurvy.

A close friend and longtime pub customer -- once, during hard times, I fed him Paulaner Salvator with an eyedropper to wean him from Wiedemann -- stopped by today and related this screamer.

Seems that on Saturday night he was at Stevie Ray’s, a downtown Louisville blues club of some renown, and overheard the following at a nearby table:

Customer: I’ll have a Miller Lite with a slice of lime.

Waitress: A what?

Customer: Miller Lite, and a slice of lime.

Waitress: Oh – you see, we call that an Okolona Corona.

(helpless laughter at my friend’s table)

Customer (red-faced): I don’t get it.

Waitress: It’s when you’re too cheap to drink a real Corona.

If you don’t reside in the Louisville metro area, you might not understand how funny this is.

Okay, okay. Back to your stations.

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