Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Your donations to NABC will be helping Henryville classrooms.

On Friday, March 2, tornadoes swept through areas just north of us and caused loss of life and much physical devastation. The following day, NABC put jars on the bars at both locations and asked for tornado relief donations. We recommended dedicating a dollar for every beer, and said we'd match the total contributed at the end of the day.

After much deliberation, it was our management decision that short-term relief needs were being amply met, and we'd direct the donations to the school in Henryville, which absorbed a direct hit from the storms.

Small town schools are the soul of their community, which often never recovers from consolidations. It is my firm belief that for the town of Henryville to rebuild, it must retain its school. I asked my friend Shawn Turner, a teacher at Henryville Elementary who lost her classroom, where the money might be best spent, and her response was Adopt-A-Classroom. That's good enough for NABC.

In addition to customer donations, our friends in Dayton, Ohio also took up a collection, and their check was added to the proceeds. Including our match, the amount we sent to Adopt-A-Classroom came to $2051.00 ... and if you'll see in the screenshot above, OfficeMax is matching this donation, which means that a dollar per craft beer in the jar will be worth $4,102 toward restoring Henryville's schools.

On behalf of NABC, thanks to everyone who helped and donated.

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