Wednesday, March 28, 2012

With IUS's non-credit program gone, it's time for a beer education rethink.

It would appear that insofar as they are sanctioned by IU Southeast, my Here's to Beer and Even More to Beer non-credit classes have come to an end (see below). Tonight's EMB section thus becomes the final one in this format.

For quite some time, I've speculated as to the feasibility of offering the course on my own, under the aegis of NABC, and absent the imprimatur of the university. I've always come back where I started, to staying with business and education as usual, primarily because IUS's marketing reach always seemed to ensure a steady supply of students who may not otherwise have been aware of the opportunity.

Roadblocks require detours, and any change to the established order is an opportunity to establish a brand new order. Consequently, I'll be reviewing options for the future of the beer education class. Your suggestions are always welcomed.

March 28, 2012

As a result of Indiana University’s decision to close the School of Continuing Studies and due to financial constraints confronting higher education in the state, IU Southeast has decided to close Noncredit Programs. For many years, Noncredit Programs has served our community by offering business and industry training, general interest programs, and children's classes.

After May 31, 2012, Noncredit Programs will no longer offer lifelong learning adult classes or safety training programs. However, IU Southeast will continue to offer the very successful Project AHEAD®, a children’s academic enrichment program.

Project AHEAD® will now be a part of the School of Education. Lisa will continue working with PA. Her phone number and e-mail address will not change. In addition, each of the academic schools on the IU Southeast campus will have the option to offer noncredit programming that they deem appropriate to their missions.

IU Southeast will continue to offer all academic degree programs, including the bachelor’s degree in General Studies that has been part of the School of Continuing Studies. This degree will be offered through a new unit at IU Southeast.
On behalf of Noncredit Programs, we want to thank you for teaching with Noncredit Programs, and tell you how much we have enjoyed having you as a part of our team. Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is anything either of us can do for you before May 31.

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