Saturday, March 03, 2012

Progressive Pints unite for tornado damage relief.

The long and the short of it is this: Yesterday's tornadoes ravaged areas very near to us. The city of New Albany already had designated today as a civic celebration of the Sherman Minton Bridge's return, and everyone I've heard from agrees that it's the ideal opportunity to bounce back the karma to those who are in need of assistance. Grand gestures aren't necessary, just some common sense.

I'm sure there'll be much information circulating today via social media as to what various entities will be doing, so I'll restrict my comments here to NABC. We'll have jars out at both locations today for tornado relief donations. I recommend dedicating a dollar for every beer; toss a greenback into the bucket, and at the end of the day, NABC will match the total. It's simple, easy and to the point. Proceeds will go to relief agencies to be named; we'll consider the several choices (Red Cross, Salvation Army, Henryville High School) and decide where to transmit the monies raised.

In short, don't just drink today - think, too. Thanks for doing so.

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