Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gravity Head today, and "Erin Go Blagh".

Saturday, March 17, happens to be the 20th business day at the Pizzeria and Public House during which those beers listed for Gravity Head 2012 are being poured. Right now, there are 11, down from a peak of 20 on opening night ... or was it Founders Night? I can't remember, and that's a reminder of how excellent the event has been this year.

Given prevailing atmospheric conditions during the past three weeks, it is instructive to remember that we pushed the start of Gravity Head into February precisely because doing so would garner better (colder) weather more suitable for strong ales and lagers. The weather's been better for a festival of wheat ales, but we (and you) have persevered.

The ranks have thinned quickly, and today's update can be found here.

Today also is St. Patrick's Day, and always a fitting time to remind readers of the classic commentary called "Erin Go Blah," which for my money remains the definitive statement on the excesses of the holiday. It was written by bartender Chris Halleron some years back for the “Hot Trub” e-newsletter, and permission to reprint has been provided by the author.

Just in time for the holiday: "Erin Go Blah" (a reprint).

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