Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From Gravity Head to Session Head in six weeks and 3.5% less ABV.

Previously at PC: Speaking of radical insurgencies, Session Beer Day is Saturday, April 7.

This is just like the good old days, planning on the fly. Not a lot of hype and hooey, just great beers with a loose theme, and the opportunity to educate. It's been too long, indeed.

NABC can offer three of its own beers for Session Beer Day, and we’re looking to see what can be foraged nearby. I had a delicious light pilsner (circa 3.7% abv) at Against the Grain on Monday afternoon. There's Kentucky Light, a Kölsch coming in at 4% abv. Any other locals?

NABC's everyday Community Dark (English Mild) is 3.7%, and our year-round Tafelbier is 4%. Coincidentally, we already planned the seasonal (Extra)Ordinary to be on tap at sub-4%, right around the beginning of April. That makes three sure drafts for Session Beer Day. Throw in two or three more, and we have a miniature tap takeover by the full pint pour.

This points to the ultimate irony: With our 14th annual Gravity Head strong beer fest (listed kegs at 8%+) now winding down, what better to follow it than the polar opposite? Having the chance to follow Gravity Head with Session Head on Session Beer Day – to me, that’s priceless.

Here again are the parameters as defined by Lew Bryson.


The Session Beer Project exists for one reason: to promote the brewing, provision, and enjoyment of session beers. Session beers are:

► under 4.5% alcohol by volume
► flavorful enough to be interesting -- no light beers, please
► balanced enough for multiple pints
► conducive to conversation
► reasonably priced

In brief, low-alcohol, but not low-taste. It's deliberately vague. The great thing about session beers, especially the ones that come in under 3.5%, is that you can enjoy several beers, and still have a BAC of under 0.04. If you really like drinking beer, session is the way to go!

SBP was started in January of 2007 by beer writer Lew Bryson for two reasons. First, to spread the word about session beers so more people could enjoy them. Second, to better Lew's chances of finding good session beers to drink.

Session Beers: Thanks, I'll Have Another!

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