Friday, October 21, 2016

My suggestion to Stone is Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

"Quotes for Stone Berlin."

On October 9, I received this e-mail from Greg Koch, founder of Stone Brewing Company and a great favorite of mine. Has it really been nine years since Greg visited the Public House?

Hello Friends!

I would like to ask you for your quotes!

I need two types….

#1 – I am looking for philosophical quotes that relate to beer, ethics, and your personal philosophies. We are writing these quotes in various places at Stone Berlin. You can see an attached example from our friend Sam Calagione. I am open to both quotes that you have coined, as well as quotes from (other) famous people. If you give me a quote in German or other language, please translate it into English for me (although we’ll write it in its original language).

#2 – Many of you have already had a chance to visit Stone Berlin. I would love a quote from you of your experience, what you thought of the project, how you’d describe it to other people, or just an out-and-out testimonial. Anything you’d feel comfortable sharing would be appreciated!

So many of you have made a special trip to Stone Berlin already, or have one planned in the future. We appreciate your friendship!



A few days later, the Interwebz began chatting about layoffs at Stone California, and after a week, this story appeared of October 21.

Stone Brewing lays off about 5% of its workers
, by Peter Rowe (LA Times)

Stone Brewing Co. announced this week that it has cut “approximately 5%” — about 60 — of its 1,200 employees, a sign of the growing pressures on craft beer.

Dominic Engels, who in August succeeded co-founder Greg Koch as chief executive of the Escondido, Calif., company, was not available for comment Thursday. But in a statement he said that despite these layoffs, “Stone remains one of the largest — if not the largest — employers in the craft brewing segment.”

Yet Stone is caught between global conglomerates and small independent operations. There are now 4,800 breweries in the country, including 130 in San Diego County, both historic highs.

Consolidation is also rattling the industry. Last year, New York-based Constellation Brands bought San Diego’s Ballast Point for $1 billion, and MillerCoors acquired another San Diego brewery, Saint Archer, for an undisclosed sum ...

I'd take a stab at telling you how I feel about it, but that's the point: I don't feel anything at all.


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