Saturday, October 08, 2016

Cheers to our old friend at the Sheraton Madison bar.

I don't know the name of the woman who tends bar at the Sheraton in Madison, Wisconsin. All I know is that during those many years when NABC's crew stayed at the Sheraton for the Great Taste of the Midwest, she seemed to be working every shift. Many a nightcap happened there, within crawling distance of the elevators.

On Saturday during our weekend getaway to Madison, Diana suggested having a beer at the Sheraton for old times' sake. There we found our stalwart behind the sticks, skilled and professional like always. I was pleased to find two of the mass-market tap handles replaced by "craft" beers, not an uncommon occurrence in Madison -- but let's appreciate corporate entities on those rare occasions of responsiveness.

Oddly, the only dissonance came from the three Germans seated next to us at the bar. They ordered Budweiser ('America', my ass) in bottles and drank from them while discussing the outcome of a big cattle show with a fourth international bovine dealer, who at least had the good sense to drink bourbon. I almost wish they wouldn't have been conversing in English. Germany's a great beer drinking country, except when it isn't.

I had a martini and tried to ignore them. To the bartender at the Sheraton Madison: You rock. Thanks for the memories, and we'll stop by next time we're up your way.


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