Sunday, October 09, 2016

All hail Sunday: Liquid brunch at Great Dane Hilldale, liquid lunch at Capital Brewery.

During the time of our regular August visits to Madison for the Great Taste of the Midwest, we'd always try to hit the Great Dane's original Doty Street location for lunch on the day of arrival.

Later on, we discovered Sunday brunch at the Great Dane Hilldale, which is just off University Avenue roughly halfway between downtown and Middleton. With brunch from 10 to 2, and Capital Brewery's beer garden opening at noon, it's a leisurely drive with a definite purpose.

Capital's beer garden.

This time around, we didn't proceed directly to Great Dane on Thursday, but waited until Sunday for Hilldale. Is it the best brunch on the planet? Probably not, but fried chicken and ice cream is nothing to sneeze at on a Packers game day -- along with bacon, coffee, Eggs Benedict, tacos and beer.

Afterward, the ten minute cruise to Middleton brought us to the beer garden on sunny and crisp autumn day that screamed Oktoberfest, and Capital readily obliged.

Have I mentioned how much I love Madison?


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