Sunday, October 02, 2016

Learn where Donum Dei Brewery will be staging a pop-up beer garden during Harvest Homecoming.

Harvest Homecoming's annual run in downtown New Albany is almost here, and in 2016, "booth days" take place from October 6 - 9 (Thursday through Sunday). Over at NA Confidential, I've been surveying the scene "behind the booths," where our independent local businesses operate throughout the year.

Donum Dei Brewery is situated near the original NABC location, just off Grant Line Road, approximately four miles from the historic business district. Unlike year-round businesses in downtown, which must adapt to a festival occupying their usual bricks 'n' mortar milieu, Donum Dei's owner Rick Otey must be creative in finding a pop-up spot to set up shop, and with luck, benefit from the crowds.

Just such a setting is the rear of a building on Main Street, which only recently was purchased and is being remodeled.

Preview: 410 Bakery coming to 140 East Main Street in downtown New Albany.

RENOVATION UPDATE: You know, that building where Abe's Rental used to be (140 E Main St).

Locals know it as "where Abe's Rental used to be," and it was a service station before that.

In the completed patio setting shown above, Rick found the ideal niche for serving beer during booth days.

We will be having a Harvest Homecoming Beer Garden! Come and relax and have a couple of pints.

The locations is 140 E. Main. The garden will be on the patio behind the building.

Hours will be:

Thursday October 6, 11-10
Friday October 7, 11-11
Saturday October 8, 11-11
Sunday October 9, 11-6

We will have live original music Friday and Saturday night 7-9.

Friday Bob and Erin Youell
Saturday South Upand

If you're downtown during the madness, don't forget about Donum Dei's pop-up, and for officially sanctioned activities, go here: 2016 Harvest Homecoming Festival Guide.


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