Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The band, not the beer: "Houndmouth: From the Hills to the Limelight."

Just before Christmas in 2012, NABC’s sales rep Richard Atnip (now with New Holland Brewing) asked me if it would be possible for us to do a collaboration beer with Houndmouth.

Naturally, I replied: “What is Houndmouth?”

Richard graciously supplied me with links to YouTube videos, and I did my due diligence. Not everyone in my company at the time was enamored of the idea, but a meeting was scheduled, and all four band members attended.

The meeting went well, and I thought it was worth doing. A sticking point was determining what style of beer to brew, and Richard suggested a hoppy American Wheat, rather like Gumballhead by Three Floyds Brewing. Brewer David Pierce created a formula, and we did a test batch at the smaller Grant Line Road brewhouse.

This small batch accounted for the initial release, but when the Iroquois Amphitheater sales opportunity (below) arose through River City Distributing, a batch was brewed at Bank Street Brewhouse and kegged for RCD.

The apex of Houndmouth (the ale) was at the Boomtown Ball in May of 2014, when NABC had Houndmouth during the festival and also at The Grand for the band’s show.

To make a long story short, Houndmouth Ale didn’t get further traction because there was no way NABC could package it properly (probably best in 12-oz cans or bottles) without contracting it with another brewery which could do this sort of package – and this was too expensive an investment without having multi-state distribution; otherwise, the beer couldn't follow the band.

Apparently NABC didn't brew Houndmouth for this year's Boomtown, but imagine the marketing tie-ins had the brewery done so for the opening night and first few weeks of this exhibition at the Carnegie -- which is right across the street from Bank Street Brewhouse. 

At least there'll be a few items of Houndmouth Ale memorabilia at the Carnegie (thanks AP). Here are links to two articles from 2013, followed by the Carnegie's press release.

All about Houndmouth, the band ... and the beer.

As band and beer, Houndmouth slays Iroquois.


Houndmouth: From the Hills to the Limelight

The Carnegie Center for Art & History invites you to the opening reception for our latest exhibition, "Houndmouth: From the Hills to the Limelight" on Friday, October 28th, 6:00-9:00pm. Come out and wear your "Saturday night kind of pink" to be entered to win an poster autographed by the band! This reception is free and open to the public.

"Houndmouth: From the Hills to the Limelight" traces the success of the musical group Houndmouth whose members all hail from New Albany, Indiana. This special exhibition documents the remarkable rise Houndmouth has experienced from playing local venues to selling out concerts across the country. The exhibit will include personal memorabilia, concert posters, costumes, instruments, original videos, and much more. It will be on view through January 21, 2017.

Making a special appearance at the opening reception, Crosley will have their mobile record store "The Crosley Cruiser" at the Carnegie Center and selling Houndmouth related records and merchandise.

Also on view will be Kentucky College of Art + Design's "Digging in the Air" helium-filled sculpture, winner of the #IamPublicArt Rumble on the River installation!

Share your love of all things Houndmouth by posting photos on Instagram using the hashtag #HometownHoundmouth! Photos will be added to a live photostream and become a part of the exhibition! *Instagram accounts need to be set to "public" for images to appear at the Carnegie Center.

"Houndmouth: From the Hills to the Limelight" was made possible by the generous support of Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County, Wesbanco Bank, and 91.9 WFPK. Thank you!


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