Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Self-absorbed Arrogant Bastards aplenty as Stone's Greg Koch visits Rich O's -- and that's the way we like it.

Monday night’s visit by Greg Koch of Stone Brewing is history, and it was such an engrossing and entertaining spectacle that I utterly failed to capture it on film even though my camera was in my pants pocket throughout. Fortunately, others did, and we’ll wait for their photos and post them at a later date.

As expected, the Seven Footer was on hand, and he has provided a fine overview of the proceedings at his blog:

Arrogant Bastard is a Nice Guy.

I heartily concur with this sentiment, as do about a hundred (perhaps more) enthusiasts who gathered for the occasion. Greg responded to the adulation admirably, providing autographs and answering questions with the seasoned nonchalance of a rock star. However, he wasn’t expecting an appearance by the mayor of New Albany, James Garner, who awarded the Stone CEO a classy plaque certifying him as Honorary Riverboat Captain.

As a side note, several door prize winners could not be found, but there should be no worries. I have your e-mail addresses, and will try to contact all of you in the coming days.

Tuesday morning was devoted to cleaning the cold plates and finding a place for the remaining beer. No kegs were blown, but sizeable dents were placed in Stone 10th Anniversary Ale IPA and Double Bastard Ale 2005. 10th Anniversary will return during Lupulin Land Harvest Hop fest in mid-October, while the ’05 Double Bastard is slated to be held until Gravity Head 2008. If all goes according to plan, Double Bastard Ale 2006 will not be seen again until Gravity Head 2009.

India Pale Ale and Smoked Porter are still on tap and will continue pouring, and they’ll be joined at various times in the near future by Old Guardian Barley Wine, Ruination IPA, Imperial Russian Stout and 07.07.07 Vertical Epic Ale.

Of course, Arrogant Bastard Ale is a daily staple at our establishment, and when there’s a chance during the next few weeks, we’ll slip the remaining Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale into its place.

Thanks to all who attended the party, and especially to Reva, Jared and Kate for pouring the beers. Thanks also to Aaron for organizing the visit on Stone’s end. We’re hoping to get Larry Bell down from Michigan for a similar event some time this fall or winter … so stay tuned.

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