Friday, August 17, 2007

Merriment at the Seven Footer's blog.

It is my habit to work at home during the morning, and then proceed to the pub some time around lunch for required on-site activities like ordering beer, stacking beer and drinking beer.

One afternoon a few months ago, I emerged distractedly from my office, walked around the corner of the bar, and found myself “mano y mano” -- beer gut to beer gut – with a giant. Looking to the sky to make eye contact is something I’m seldom required to do, although 6' 4" is of course tiny by today's professional basketball standards (crazily, Golden State's star guard, Baron Davis, is my height, and approximately 15 times quicker). Still, my daily encounters don't usually include bumping into people who are scraping their heads against the drop ceiling.

The legitimate seven-footer in question turned out to be Matt Simons, who became our source for vital information about the amazing Sergio's in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

Sergio's World Beers an unlikely Shelbyville mecca ... but it is.

A short time back, Matt undertook a blog of his own, and he has been sending me links to some great stories there.

PC readers might wish to join in the fun: Thinking Is Hard.

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