Monday, August 27, 2012

Mixed (mezzed?) metaphors: Ouzo and Moretti.

Ouzo is Greek.

Birra Moretti is Italian, at least originally.

Apart from the imperative to be cute, what does one have to do with the other?

U.S. Open Food of the Day: Ouzo Shrimp, by Lynn Zinser (New York Times)

This is our first installment of a daily food review from the United States Open concession stands.

The flaming ouzo shrimp is part of a lovely menu that complements the nice selection of wines, although were this not a journalistic assignment squeezed between tennis action (be that as it may on a rainy day), I’d have paired it with a Birra Moretti ...

... The shrimp are large and perfectly cooked. The potatoes and peppers are a bit oily. But overall, it’s a delicious little dish. It may be designed to help sell Birra Moretti. We’ll never know.

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