Thursday, August 02, 2012

Finally, "Greetings from Brauhaus Tirana."

This is a momentous occasion. We have received the following e-mail, which I reprint here, word for word. This sets the stage for cultural exchanges and our first-ever Balkan collaboration beer. I can see the promotional materials now. A delegation will depart for foreign shores as soon as we can afford it.

To know me is to know of my fascination with Albania, the country, and I am absolutely delighted there is craft beer there now!

Greetings from Brauhaus Tirana, a newly operating (and the first) brewpub in Old Albania, owned by Tirana Brewhouse Shpk, with a 3000hl capacity per year. We would be intrigued of the possibility of an intercontinental solidarization on propaganda field and more.

(photo courtesy of BrauHaus on Facebook)

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